HOW TO GET THE INDIA ONLINE VISA (e-visa)? Refreshed(Indian visa)

Congrats! On the off chance that you have completed this article all things considered, you are setting up an excursion to India… Good goal! To abstain from being kept at the air terminal and being sent back to your home, you need a visa (you speculated right). Yet, how to get it out? How much does it cost? How long is it for? What requirements do I need? For every one of your questions about how to acquire the Indian visa, read on …

Previously, it was just conceivable to get a visa face to face at any of the Indian government offices or departments around the world, or through a specific organization. For our first outing to India, we needed to do all the methods in Madrid, however fortunately you would already be able to apply for a visa to India on the web (evisa)! Better believe it! So we will disclose to you the means to apply for the visa from the official site of the administration of India, and the attributes of the alleged e-Tourist Visa.

Visa types that can be applied for on the web and cost

There are a few kinds of visas, the ones that intrigue us are tourist visas. These are the sorts of visas for India that we can apply for:

30-day e-Tourist Visa (with two sections). Cost from $ 25

1-year e-Tourist Visa.

Cost from $ 40

5-year e-Tourist Visa.

Cost from $ 80

Here you can see all the costs, contingent upon your nationality and sort of visa.

Steps to apply for the India e-Tourist Visa

This is the procedure you need to complete to have the option to apply for the India visa on the web:

1. Enter the official site

Most importantly, go to the official site of the Government of India for the visa application. Remember that the site is in English, yet on the off chance that you follow our means, there ought to be no uncertainty. Additionally, you can generally utilize the interpreter that the program offers you.

2. Fill in the structure with individual information

You should tap on the «APPLY HERE FOR E-VISA» button, at the base right, and you should fill in 8 screens with your data:

* Only areas with a red reference bullet are required

Show 1

Passport Type: Ordinary

Nationality/Region : Spain

Port Of Arrival: Arrival Airport (Delhi)

Date of Birth : date of birth

Email ID/Re-enter Email ID : well, email to send you the affirmation

Expected Date of Arrival : Expected date of passage to India

Visa Service : kind of visa to ask for. In the event of a short remain: eTourist Visa (for 30 Days). What’s more, we select the exercises that we intend to do in India. On the off chance that the outing is just for the travel industry, we leave “Diversion/SIGHT-SEEING” chose

It would be ideal if you enter above content : we compose the content that shows up in the case simply above

We select “I have perused the guidance …” and we give CONTINUE

Show 2(india visa application)

Before entering we are cautioned that we need to transfer a picture ID of measurements 2in X 2in (2 inches rises to about 5cm) and with a size under 1MB. Also, the duplicate of the passport sheet where the individual data shows up (it must be transferred in PDF group and under 1MB in size). Meanwhile, an email will have shown up informing you that a duplicate of your application has been spared, with a X number.

Candidate Details : your own information. The most dicey thing is that here you should put your character card number from your nation (not the passport number), on the off chance that you don’t have obvious imprints put NO and state that you have NOT lived in the nation where you are applying for the visa.

Passport Details: Passport subtleties.

When all the information is prepared we give «SAVE AND CONTINUE».

Show 3

Separated into three areas and in which we need to extend individual data:

Candidate’s Address Details: the location where you dwell

Family Details: data about your mom and father and conjugal status. Toward the finish of this segment, they inquire as to whether your folks or grandparents were Pakistani, so we left (no, right?).

Profession/Occupation Details of Applicant: subtleties of your present place of employment. To abstain from going into subtleties, I put “specialist”. Toward the end, they inquire as to whether you are or were a military or cop: NO.

Once more, with all the areas finished, we click on “Spare AND CONTINUE”.


In this area, we should put the information of the excursion to India.

Subtleties of Visa Sought: it is a synopsis of the mentioned visa, with the locales you intend to visit, in the event that you have booked an inn through a visit administrator and the spot from which you will leave India.

Past Visa/Currently legitimate Visa Details : on the off chance that you have recently visited India, you should enter the subtleties of the past visa, and so forth. We did it yet with another passport numbering, so we put NO. And furthermore inquire as to whether you have recently been declined passage or augmentation of remain in India: NO

Other Information: countries visited over the most recent 10 years,

SAARC Country Visit Details: on the off chance that you were in any of the countries that structure SAARC,

Reference: the information of the lodging where you are going to remain. In the event that you don’t have one yet, you can scan for an applicant and put it. And afterward the contact of somebody in your nation, in the event that you have to get in touch with him.

Again we click on “Spare AND CONTINUE”.

Show 5

These are security questions, which are normally addressed NO. On the off chance that in some you state YES, you should give more subtleties. We select that we acknowledge the announcement beneath, and “Spare AND CONTINUE”.

SCREEN 6 AND 7(Taxi to Heathrow)

The time has come to transfer the passport photograph and the passport duplicate:

Photograph of the card: you should meet these requirements:

JPEG design

Least size 10 KB and most extreme 1 MB

The tallness and width of the photograph must be the equivalent. They recommend 2in X 2in (2 inches rises to about 5cm, in advanced photograph about 600px).

The photograph must show a full face, front view, open eyes, and without glasses.

Focus the head inside the casing and present the whole head from the head of the hair to the base of the jaw.

The foundation ought to be light or white.

No shadows on the face or out of sight.

Also, we give “Transfer photograph” and change it.

Duplicate of the passport: with these attributes:

Just the page where the individual data and the photograph show up

Pdf design

Least size 10 KB and greatest 300 KB

What’s more, we give “Transfer archive”

We affirm that all the information relate to us by checking the keep going tab and snap on “Affirm”.


We will see the rundown of our application structure to get the visa of India on the web. We survey it and if everything is right we click on “Confirmed AND CONTINUE”. On the off chance that you need to change something, simply hit “alter”

3. Pay

While confirming the solicitation you will show up at the past one to the installment passage. Right off the bat, they illuminate you that the cost of this application is $ 25 (US dollars), which at that point builds a little for a commission, and on this page they caution you that if there is any issue in the installment, they don’t capable. Record the ID number of your solicitation (ID) and snap on “PAY NOW”.

At that point it will give us 3 alternatives of installment doors : Sbi e-pay, Paypal and Axis Bank. Disposing of Paypal, I picked Axis Bank in light of the fact that clearly it is bound to work for the individuals who apply for a visa from Europe. Clearly Sbi e-pay is suggested for the individuals who do it from America.

You put the card data and continue to installment. On the off chance that everything goes effectively you will get a page advising you that the installment has been made accurately and you can download a receipt. You will likewise get an email with affirmation of installment and receipt of the solicitation. Starting now and into the foreseeable future we need to hold up a time of 72 hours until they send us the endorsement of our dear visa to India.

Significant: refreshing the status of the installment with respect to state installment of the web can take as long as 2 hours. On the off chance that you have had an issue with the installment and you don’t know that it has been made, it is prescribed to hold up those 2 hours before paying once more.

4. To consider

The expense for the electronic visa installment once the application is submitted isn’t refundable, whether or not or not they endorse it.

Affirm that the status of the ETA shows up as “Conceded” in the email they send you or in the profile with the status of the solicitation on the site itself.

It is prescribed to convey a duplicate of the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) on the outing.

India e-Tourist Visa highlights:

Span: 30 days in the wake of entering the nation

Tickets: twofold, so you can leave the nation and reemerge once.

Plausibility of augmentation: no

Procedure between 120 days and 4 days before the excursion.

Cost: $ 25 in addition to a commission.

Requirements: least legitimate passport for a half year, filter a photograph and passport and pay.

We trust this data on how to get the Indian visa will support you!