Types of cooking of food

Types of cooking of food(meal prep Calgary)


It consists of frying the food in a frying skillet at a low temperature (under 100ºC) with barely enough oil. Regularly the sofrito is a stage that is done before different sorts of cooking, for example, stewing or bubbling.

The cooking temperature is gentle and the whole food isn’t covered with oil since it is expected that the food discharge its own juice and, along these lines, coordinate the flavors.

To cook it accurately, the thought is to cut the fixings equitably and add them in relation to their cooking time. Thusly, we will have the option to prepare all food similarly.


A speedy and simple procedure that upgrades the kind of food.

It permits cooking so it tends to be held for one more day, even to remove in a lunch box.

It isn’t important to utilize a lot of oils and fats to prepare food.

By utilizing moderately low temperatures, food will barely be scorched.


This is normally a semi-cooking culinary method, so you should complete the food utilizing another cooking.

Earlier arrangement is essential for the greater part of the fixings

Best foods to use with this strategy: It is normally utilized for cut vegetables yet additionally in meat, fish, and vegetable proteins, for example, tofu, seitan, and tempeh.


Sautéing is a strategy used to prepare food with a limited quantity of fat, barely to grease up the fixings, and a generally high warmth source (175-225º C), so it is critical to have them continually moving and subsequently keep the surface from drying out. To play out this strategy, a wide container is generally utilized since all the fixings have space in a solitary layer without covering.

To do as such, it should likewise be considered that the cooking time is short, so the fixings must be little or slashed. For ideal cooking, it is important to begin with those that need all the more cooking time and bit by bit fuse the rest.


Fast, a delectable cooking technique without the need to utilize a ton of fat.

This strategy protects the surface, shading, and supplements of food quite well.


It is essential to know about cooking since we should keep food in consistent movement.

Earlier readiness is important for the greater part of the fixings (cutting, overlaying, and so forth)(diabetic friendly Calgary)

On the off chance that we are not mindful to cooking, we can consume food and produce poisonous substances.

Best foods to use with this strategy: We can sauté practically any kind of food, they basically need a past arrangement (cut, overlaid, and so on) Among the most utilized are vegetables, grains, meat, and so forth

Blended or joined cooking

In this kind of cooking, dry and wet cooking strategies are consolidated. The cooking is done in two phases, right off the bat the food is prepared by dry warmth and also, the cooking of the food is done by damp warmth where a sauce or squeeze is gotten.


It consists of cooking all the fixings in an open pot, over low warmth, in some fluid. The typical is from a sauce with tomato or sautéing the fixings in oil or margarine. It is likewise important to add water or stock to the cooking and no cover is required.

It consists of cooking a few fixings over low warmth, in a similar compartment and with their own juice. Ordinarily, water, stock or sautéed tomato is added to improve the flavor and as a fluid strategy for cooking. By stewing for a significant stretch of time, all the flavors are safeguarded and a homogeneous flavor will be left .


Dishes with conventional flavors are acquired.

It permits cooking ahead of time, in this way we will consistently have a crisis Tupperware arranged.

It is a cooking strategy that is for all intents and purposes viable with all foods.


It is important to screen it continually, blending now and again and watching that the fluid level doesn’t drop too early.

This is a moderate and long cooking strategy.

Best foods to use with this strategy: You can set up a wide range of stews, with meat, vegetables, fish or vegetables.


This cooking procedure is frequently utilized with fixings that need to cook gradually and for quite a while to make them delicate. For the most part, they are submerged in cooking stocks that add flavor and with the compartment covered, maintaining a strategic distance from vanishing and subsequently, safeguarding the juices of the food and the fused fixings.(marketing agency Calgary)

It is typically made with added fixings, for example, vegetables as well as greens, water or stock, wine, flavors, and so forth The outcome is a dish brimming with supplements and a convergence of flavors. Cooking can accept a few hours as the temperature should consistently be beneath the breaking point. Along these lines, the collagen in certain meats disintegrates and gelatin is framed, offering a delicate and succulent outcome.


It considers planning delectable, complete, and nutritious dishes.

By keeping the warmth low, there is no peril of the food consuming as it will scarcely be dry and without fluid.

Whenever cooking is done, the fluids in the food are decreased to a light sauce brimming with flavor.


It is moderate and delayed cooking. Therefore, among others, there are supplement misfortunes.

On the off chance that greasy foods are utilized, focusing the food brings about caloric dishes.

Best foods to use with this strategy: It is regularly used to soften cut meats or entire pieces that need long cooking to be absorbable. Vegetables and different fixings, for example, wine, flavors, flour, and so forth are typically added. To go with the cooking and make the sauces come out thick. Fish stews can likewise be readied.

barbecued sorts of food cookingBraying

Braising is comprised of two stages, utilizing dry and wet warmth . To start with, the food is prepared in a fat or oil to brown the surface and make the convergence of the juices. Besides, the cooking is done in a damp route with the fuse of fluid, stock, water, or wine in a little amount to give smells and flavors. This last cooking is done over low warmth and for quite a while.


You get exceptionally delicious and complete dishes.

It permits you to cook a wide assortment of pieces, both huge and little.


There are misfortunes of supplements, generally nutrients.

This is a moderate and long cooking strategy.

Best foods to use with this strategy: Normally it is a method utilized in extreme and lower class meats since they become more delicate and succulent, withstanding a long cooking time. It is additionally utilized in fish, for example, monkfish, salmon, carp, and so on

Different sorts of cooking


A microwave is a family unit apparatus that has discovered its way into most homes, because of its pragmatic use and the amount it encourages kitchen undertakings.

The warming cycle that this apparatus utilizes happens in light of the fact that the water particles ingest the waves that it produces and by electronic unsettling, they change their energy into heat, it is then when there is an expansion in temperature in these atoms.

The most prescribed holders to use for warming in the microwave are glass and clay as they withstand heat better.


By and large, it takes into account quicker warming and brings down energy utilization.

It permits us to keep up a superior wholesome and organoleptic quality and that the segments of the food are not lost.

It has various uses, for example, defrosting or warming.


It isn’t delivered in a homogeneous manner since it relies upon the conveyance of water in the food.

In the event that you try too hard, you can excessively dry your food.

In the event that the size of the piece is excessively huge, it will likely not cook well.

Best foods to use with this strategy: You can cook a wide assortment of foods, for example, vegetable creams, sauces, pasta, rice, and so on Likewise sweet plans, for example, custards, creams, puddings, even wipe cakes.(food delivery Cochrane)